Comprehensive programs to help students develop fundamental skills.


Learning and Thinking techniques are essential skills every individual should be equipped with.


Curriculums designed to build each student’s leadership capacity.


Professional development to benefit your students and yourself.


LifeWorks™ is a holistic and comprehensive programme designed to help the student develop the fundamental skills for life effectiveness. Over a period of four to five years, students will learn to unlock their personal potential manage relationships and various life situations using the four keys.


Every person has a distinctive set of characteristics and qualities that influence their thinking, preferences and behaviour in various situations. The DISC Personality Profiling System™ is a four-quadrant behavioural model that examines these variances and helps individuals maximise their self-efficacy by capitalising on their strengths, recognising potential, limitations and blind spots.


CareerKeys™ aims to help students construct their personal roadmap to career success. This is done through the use of self-assessment instruments and interactive exercises to uncover their personal distinctiveness.

Career Professionalism

Good career management is the springboard for building successes in our students’ lives. Besides understanding compatibilities which will make individual happy with their choices in life, their personal dispositions are equally important in career management.

There are two skills that will benefit students in managing their dispositions effectively: Resume Writing & Interview Skills; and Personal Grooming & Social Etiquette Skills.


What makes a good presentation?

Confidence and organisation. PresentationWorks™ is designed to enhance students’ presentations through an experiential programme that will equip them with the different handles and knowledge on delivering effective presentations.

This course uses the P.D.A. Framework – Preparation, Delivery and Analysis & Review.


From the very day that we were born, we never cease to learn whether formally or informally. However, most of us find it a challenge to motivate ourselves to learn and to be effective learners.

LearningKeys™ utilises a student-friendly personalised profile that can be administered online so that parents, teachers and counsellors can review together with students individually or in small groups.

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical Thinking is an essential skill to survive and thrive in this fast-paced, technology-enhanced society. With the influx of information from the Internet, many youths have adopted a superficial sense of maturity with a know-it-all attitude. Due to the information overload, many are unable to process, understand and interpret the world around them comprehensively.

Design Thinking Skills

Design Thinking is a structured and creative way of problem solving with an emphasis on human-centric solutions. Originally devised as a systematic way to design interesting and functional products, Design Thinking has now diversified to be used in multiple fields, including the service line as Service Design Thinking.

The Dunn & Dunn Learning Styles

The Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles Model, developed by the late Dr Rita Dunn and Dr Kenneth Dunn of St John’s University in New York, is one of the most well-researched learning style models in the world. With more than 30 years of research work with over 850 studies conducted in more than 135 institutions, it has a solid research base, along with ongoing studies of best practices in learning centres around the world. Every piece of research has consistently testified that when anyone is taught according to this model, their academic achievement improves, as does their attitude, self-discipline and outlook towards the future.

MotivationKeysTM with Effective Study Skills

MotivationKeys™ with Effective Study Skills is designed to help students in the areas of personal and interpersonal effectiveness. It aims to enable students to better manage stress, time, priorities, intra-personal and inter-personal relationships.

Combined with effective study skills, students will be able to effectively cope with the demands of school, academic goals and personal lives through self-awareness and management.


LeadershipWorks™ is a comprehensive curriculum designed to expand each student’s leadership capacity. It is highly customisable to incorporate different leadership models such as The Student Leadership Challenge®, Habitudes®, Five Levels of Leadership, Servant Leadership, etc. and can be customised progressively over four levels in our Leadership Development Framework (Personal Leadership>Peer Leadership>People Leadership>Public Leadership).

Empowerment Workshop/Camp

Empowerment Camp is one of Lifeskills Institute’s turnkey leadership and self-awareness programmes. Centred around the frameworks of Servant Leadership, The Student Leadership Challenge (TSLC) and PersonalityKeysTM (DISC), the programme is an impactful and experiential platform for life skills and leadership development for youth. Through modular design, the programme is highly customizable to suit the specific needs of any group.

The Student Leadership Challenge

A customised student version of The Leadership Challenge® by best-selling authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, this programme equips youths with comprehensive, practical tools to transform values into actions, visions into realities, obstacles into innovations, separateness into solidarity, and risks into rewards.

Peer Development Programme (PDPTM)

Leadership is an ongoing process whereby leaders grow and develop, and seek to develop others; hence, creating a cycle whereby mature leaders nurture newer leaders and so on. Peer Development Programme (PDP™) aims to help students develop their skills such as facilitation and enable them to become leadership reproducers.

Service Leadership

The Service Leadership concept is based on the philosophy of “Servant Leadership” by Robert K. Greenleaf, defining a leader who is a servant first. Through Service Leadership, Lifeskills Institute endeavours to build students to become competent and compassionate leaders by helping them to serve the needs of others before self.


As any leader will tell you, growing and nurturing the next generation of leaders is not a simple task of just commanding and dictating but rather, one that stems from empowering and mentoring. Helping student leaders to develop the skills necessary to nurture the next generation of leaders is vital in creating an effective leadership culture and ensure future continuity in an organisation.

POEM Way of Project Management

P.O.E.M Way of Project Management is one of Lifeskills Institute’s well-received leadership development programmes where professional project management skills are imparted and demonstrated to the student leaders.


TeachingKeys™ focuses on a strategy of self-discovery, followed by teaching methodologies. It offers an innovative strength-based approach that enables teachers to identify, appreciate and capitalise on their natural learning and teaching strengths to facilitate learning in a classroom of students with diverse learning style preferences.

DISC Certification for Educators

This certification programme is a partnership between Lifeskills Institute and The Institute for Motivational Living (IML), a proven leader in the field of Behavioural Analysis and one of the world’s largest publishers of the DISC Personality Profiling Tool and motivational resources. Educators who go through this certification programme will be equipped to help individuals through behavioural and career counselling.

CareerKeysTM for Educators

CareerKeys™ for Educators aims to equip educators with skills to assist students construct their personal roadmap to career success. This is done through the use of self-assessment instruments and interactive exercises to uncover their personal distinctiveness. In this programme, educators will be equipped with the knowledge of using these instruments to assist in their student’s career exploration.

Coaching with The Leadership Challenge® (CTLC)

Coaching with The Leadership Challenge® (CTLC) is designed to enhance one’s leadership development using the well-researched framework and tools from The Leadership Challenge® (TLC) by bestselling authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. Approaching leadership as measurable, learnable and teachable set of behaviours, this proven leadership model proclaims “Leadership is Everyone’s Business”.

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