I found the vulnerability sessions really able to make the team connect and understand each other better. The DISC profiling also enabled individuals to learn how to work with other types of personality! The instructors were very professional and clear in their teachings of the workshop. Thank you for all the sharing and learning, it was a very good experience along with the course materials.

It helps them to understand themselves and other team members so that we can work together more cohesively! 

Thank you!

Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd 

Programme: The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team

Thank you for the session to learn the applications and understanding of how an effective team with different disc profiles can work together and apply conflicts in a positive light for the greater good of the organization. Strongly recommended the Five Behaviours programme for companies. Very pleased with the programme. Will engage with your services again!

Welbilt Corporation

Programme: The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team

Thank you Ian And Lee fong for a short, sharp and impactful virtual session with our senior leaders today on Giving Feedback. Many of them took away with useful tips from you in enabling their next conversation with their team member. Let’s start to think feedback as either reinforcing or redirecting instead of positive or negative. In preparing for the feedback conversation, spend more time framing it by providing the why and desired outcomes. Most importantly, park aside any emotions, assumptions or judgement to promote a healthy 2-way conversation. Seek first to understand to be understood. 

Lorraine Chua, Head of Talent and Organisational Development 

AIA Singapore 

Programme: The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team

The 2 days Leadership Challenge has been an awesome and insightful learning experience. It is a start of a self discovery journey of self-awareness of being a leader. It brings focus to how we might reach real insight – the kind that transforms us and our relationships with those we work with. It will definitely help me to perform better, make better decisions and become more self fulfilled.

Jude Ang

National University of Singapore 

Programme: The Leadership Challenge

I have a better understanding of what kind of leader I am and where should I improve; 360 feedback is the most valuable part which really helped me to understand better about strength and weakness; The FUEL module helps me out to frame and give feedback (especially redirecting feedback) to others; I have gained insight from workshop, the key to developing great leadership is to build strengths! Leaders are made, not born! Zenger Folkman is one of best organization to build your further success.


Monica Ai,  Operations VP

Antolin (China) Investment Co., Ltd

Programme: The Extraordinary Leader™

I had the pleasure to participate in a coaching experience as part of our company  global initiative to provide a Leadership program to  Top Management.  This activity was delivered by Zenger Folkman based on their Extraordinary Leadership Program. I had the opportunity to meet Ian Tan, principal consultant from life skills resources  as coach on this sessions.  I really enjoyed the experience and found it very positive and helpful both for the direct participants but also for the rest of people that later on we will interact with. So let me take a few lines to highlight the main benefits I can see from those sessions.

As start, getting a 360 degree report provides a clear picture about how is the perception that rest of the people have from you, letting us to identify improvement opportunities to have a better communication and work relationship at different levels. A big number of surveys will provide a clear picture about our strengths and weaknesses in terms of communication with others. It also delivers a very clear rate about how much other’s perception match with what you think about yourself. Big treasure.

One very interesting and helpful benefit during sessions was to have a very clear understanding of how important is to communicate, approach and provide feedback to other people in the right way. It let’s us to be more efficient but even more important to make others become too. It might sounds simple in principle, but not sure if we really realize the effects we can have in others.  During different exercises, we go deep in the difference between our intention and the perception by others during communication process. It was clearly highlighted and easy perceived how the way to communicate things, to approach people, even body language may change or misunderstood completely the message, hiding the intention. This is very important to realize about, in order to simplify the things, be effective and make others feel better and recognized.

Another clear benefit I  will like to remark is to be able understand the benefits and learn about some key rules to develop an active listening skills. Much more that take the time to hear what people want to say is to create the suitable atmosphere, having the sensitive attitude to make the other person feel comfortable, show him/her actively your willingness to listen and enjoy / learn during the listening about the rich information coming back. On these conditions, it will be as much more fluent and more useful as much more open the speaker will feel, giving the chance to share all the real message he/she was to transmit without conditioning or prejudices. Active listening help people to express themselves. Clearly.

I especially enjoyed the practice and exercise with my peers. It let me know some details about them than sometimes even surprised me, at the same time that it showed us clearly the benefits of the guidelines provided. Even more when they were followed and highlighted by the coach with “real life examples” that illustrate the relevancy of the message.  Simple , but these simple things are the best to connect and engage with the audience.

Finally, this exercise also reinforces me on my self-knowledge about my strengths and provide me suitable tools to keep on improving on those competencies identified as no so strong. But even more, nothing about to change the way you are. Be yourself, but Just make sure that what you want to show is what the rest will perceive. And this is a powerful gift. This gift, together with having some time with peers, smile and have fun during  exercises and find some simple guidelines to improve the communication skills makes me definitively to recommend this activities to anyone thinking about how to improve the company.

Thanks for your support, Ian.


Miguel Angel Monje, VP Operations OHS BU Asia Pacific

Antolin (China) Investment Co Ltd

Programme: The Extraordinary Leader™

“On behalf of our team at Amazing Borneo Tours, we would like to thank Ian and Lifeskills conduct The Leadership Challenge workshop for our higher management staffs. Our people have enjoyed and benefitted from your training and experience. Your structured and inspiring workshop definitely empower us with the determination to want to improve in our leadership journey. The skills and practices taught will equip our people with the necessary tools to enhance and transform themselves from merely managers to leaders. The workshop itself has also helped to increase our self-awareness, adding value to ourselves and space for more personal growth and development. The personalized life experiences that you have shared with us were beneficial to our learning and has created an atmosphere of trust. Equally important are the exceptional games that brought life to the topics discussed and has assisted in the understanding of the leadership practices concept. Overall, it was an excellent training workshop. Thank you once again for your passionate facilitation of this workshop. We look forward to have another exciting workshop session in the very near future!”


Amazing Borneo Tours

Programme: The Leadership Challenge

Received this in my mail box awhile back – a certification program I took about a year ago.. Funny thing is I almost didn’t go for the program Yup you guessed it right. Cost was a concern. The revenue I was generating for the company was enough for myself but not for upgrading programs I struggled until I saw it from a different perspective.

Instead of comparing it from a cost stand point I saw it from a value stand point and asked myself What value would it add to me that would Justify the cost ? It was a no brainer. I started to envision myself being able to better understand my clients, prospects and stakeholders better and in-turn enable my students to do the same Sometimes the idea of certainty of a stable income gets in the way of the benefits that come from uncertainty of pushing forward Looking at this retrospectively, I’ve made back the investment I made for this program many times over and I’m thankful to have taken this step Special thanks to Ian Tan from Peopleskills for making this life changing program available.


David King

Story Strategist | Corporate Sales and Business Story Telling Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Consultant

Programme: Certified Behavioural Consultant 

“The mission statement of Lifeskills Institute is “Empowering people to lead their organisations and communities with impact by fanning into flame the gifts in them.”

In the 2 days CBC training I recently had, I personally felt I was empowered. The trainers were able to meet me where I was at and even though my background & training is not in the corporate world, they could “speak” my language & make the training very practical & applicable to what I do & where I work. They made the training a fun learning experience & created a safe place & space for learning & vulnerability. I highly recommend Life Skills Institute: no matter whether you are in the corporate world, NGO or in non- profits.


Averyl Constance Aeria

Life and Leadership Coach | YWAM Thailand

Programme: Certified Behavioural Consultant and Career Coach

“After going through the CBC course, I’ve discovered numerous ways to improve many parts of my business. For example, I’ve learnt how to hire more suitable people based on their personality type and job description. Many at times, we hire based eligibility (work experience, etc.), but the ONE THING that we tend to overlook is the SUITABILITY of the individual. Thanks to the wonderful trainers at Lifeskills, we’re on to a great start to building a strong culture. No regrets attending the course. In fact, if you’re looking to scale your team, this course is a MUST-GO, else you may be making a grave mistake!”


Certified Behavioural and Career Consultant

“Dear Ian and Lee Fong, Thank you very much for sharing your expertise and facilitating 2 great workshops that have no doubt enhanced the collaboration between the team. It has taught us to embrace our differences and in fact, showed how differences are important so that we are more well balanced and well rounded as a team. Unity in diversity. Looking forward to stronger teamwork and looking forward to when our paths will cross again. With deep and sincere gratitude”


Tan Chuan How, CEO – AIA FA

Programme: DISC Workshop

“Trainers facilitated well and engaged the audience with their authenticity, openness and desire to share knowledge. They went beyond their extra mile to ensure learning is not only effective but meaningful. They also contextualised learning very well to the participants, resonating and connecting effectively to let us discover many AHH! moments. They truly reflect the value that “we do not teach content, we teach people!! “Thank you, Ian & Lee Fong, it was hours well spent. Learning from your experiences and expertise.”


Certified Stress Management Consultant, 14-15 May 2014

“The explanations of trainers were most helpful and insight. Their knowledge in counselling added width and insight to the topic. Their experiences and stories were most interesting too! The logistics (Who Am I Cards, post its) were most helpful for my own learning too. Trainers provided suggestions as to how we can post some questions to help analyse the graphs with our clients.”


Certified Behavioural and Career Consultant, 21-23 June 2016

“Excellent topics! Excellent Seminar! I wish all Singaporeans in our country can learn about this tool – then there will be no mismatch of jobs to maximise resources – for our younger generation to alleviate frustration during their growing up years. Young adults can also excel in our country with purpose.”


Certified Behavioural and Career Consultant, 25-27 January 2015

“Lee Fong is a key trainer for Leadership Challenge for Bank of Singapore, a flagship program for leaders within the Bank and is personally helmed by the CEO of our organization. She is well-versed with the leadership challenge principles as she is able to articulate the concepts and share the principles with the participants in a clear as well as easy to understand manner. She strives to provide us with good research resources to substantiate the leadership principal and is a dedicated trainer. These additional materials draw parallels to the ethos of the 10 behavioural statements and help to bring to life how these principles are applicable to our day to day leadership actions. A fun and engaging settings where participants connect with one another in a safe learning environment.”


Stephenie Teo, Head, Learning & Development of Bank of Singapore

“Many SME owners can relate that running a business isn’t easy. Besides taking care of operations, cash flow, and looking out for new opportunities, we still need to look after our teams – ensuring that they are motivated and productive. That’s A LOT of work! Thanks to the wonderful trainers at Lifeskills, we’re on to a great start to building a strong culture. No regrets attending the course. In fact, if you’re looking to scale your team, this course is a MUST-GO, else you may be making a grave mistake!”


Marcus Ho, Director of Social Metric

“I would like to say ‘Thank you’ for the great sharing of your expertise in the class. It’s one of the most wonderful and engaging events that I have attended and I have benefited lots from the class.”


Ho Huk Wee, Learning & Development Manager/ Life Sciences Group, Agilent Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd

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