The Extraordinary Leader Programme presents a proven framework for helping individuals make a profound difference in their own performance and organisation’s results. Through the award-winning multi-rater (360) feedback assessment, participants will understand how they are currently perceived as a leader and build a clear understanding of the impact they can make by becoming better.


Empower leaders with personalised insights and a strengths-based approach to behaviour change. Leaders today will create meaningful, personalised development plans by using proven data-driven framework to turn feedback into a practical plan that will make a real difference for you and your organisation. 



Your leadership development does not stop!

Traditional 360-assessments focuses on identifying and fixing weaknesses. This often leads to feelings of defeat upon seeing the feedback report, shaken confidence in oneself, denial, defensiveness, and could lead to a rejection to all other feedback opportunities.

Highly effective leaders create significantly better business results when compared to their less effective colleagues. The Extraordinary Leader programme adopts a strengths-based approach to your development, building on your strengths to move you from a good performer to an exceptional leader. This is a one-day, interactive, instructor-led, leadership learning, assessing, and planning experience that are available in both online or in-person delivery format. 

This workshop will help you to apply it to their own performance and development within the organisation- regardless of the job you are in or the role you play. The workshop will guide you to craft an Individual Development Plan, customised to your own situation and objectives, as well as supplement you with a variety of tools to guide you in your ongoing efforts.

Time Commitment – Online session (2 x 3hr session + homework)

  • Session 1, 3hrs: First four key insights
  • Homework: Review individual feedback report
  • Session 2, 3hrs: Final three key insights, crafting preliminary development plan


Each will receive an Individual Development Plan customised to his or her situation and objectives, as well as a variety of tools you can continue to use in his or her ongoing development efforts. You will earn the power of striving for extraordinary results, and will be given tools and taught how to create action plans that truly help you to move from good to extraordinary.

What is the difference between the live online and in-person workshop?

The objectives and outcomes of all Extraordinary Leader™ programme are the same. Activities will naturally be different to better suit an online environment.


  • Understand the significant on-the-job performance differences between “good” and “extraordinary” leaders
  • Learn about the 16 leadership competencies that differentiate extraordinary leaders
  • Discover why enhancing existing leadership strengths is the most successful way to become an extraordinary leader
  • Prepare to receive an individual 360 leadership feedback report, understand the report structure, interpret the data, and discuss how it can best be used in a positive way
  • Perform a step-by-step analysis of their feedback report, using a structured process with individual and group exercises
  • Use Zenger Folkman’s unique leadership cross-training approach to construct a customised Individual Development Plan


  • Available for in-house workshop

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Each participant will receive:

  • The online Extraordinary Leader multi-rater (360) assessment and personal feedback report
  • The Extraordinary Leader Participant Manual and a unique, cross-training development tool, The Competency Companion Development Guide



The Extraordinary Leader™ programme is available in the following formats:

  • 1-day, In-person Workshop
  • 2 X 3-hr Live Online Sessions
  • In-house Training 


It would be our pleasure to work with you to create the format that will best suit your organisation’s unique requirements.


Register early to reserve your spot.

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Applicable for leaders at all levels of an organisation from senior executives to first-line supervisors. May be delivered to executive or management teams, other intact or cross-functional work teams, or to individuals gathered from different parts of an organisation.


Sample Reports

Leadership Research White Papers


Our CEO, Ian Tan is the Master Trainer for Zenger Folkman leadership training programmes. We guarantee only the best in leadership development and talent management, profiling assessments and training tools backed by international research and evidence-based practice.

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