Jo Teh
Admin & Sales Executive

Armed with a Diploma in Banking and Finance, Jo embarked on a path that harmoniously combined her financial knowledge with her administrative aptitude. Her journey began at a non-profit organisation, where she honed her expertise in processing funding applications and claims. Her role extended beyond administrative tasks to encompass pivotal responsibilities such as course application approvals, compliance assurance, and appeals management.
She then continued her journey transitioning seamlessly into the realm of finance, where she championed process improvement and harnessed the power of automation.
Embracing a new avenue of growth, she became a Certified Behavioural Consultant. This expansion into the realm of behavioural studies signified Jo's holistic approach to personal and professional development. In her current capacity as training and technical support, she is able to fully utilise her creative eye-for-detail along with her meticulous planning.
Aside from work, Jo is known to be the “Adventurous Foodie” of Lifeskills Institute, always on a hunt for the next best lunch spots. She also enjoys taking long walks in nature, and has the keen ability to source out the best deals and promotions.