Behavioural Tendencies of Workers in the Healthcare Industry in Singapore

LAST UPDATE ON May 7, 2024

Empowering Singapore’s Healthcare Heroes for the Future

We are thrilled to share with you Lifeskills Institute’s latest white paper where we analyse the DISC behavioural profiling of over 1,000 healthcare professionals, based on IML®, the Institute for Motivational Living, developers of the PeopleKeys® DISC system.

The white paper uncovers insightful information of their shared strengths and possible areas for greater support, and reveals how we can partner with them to be adaptable, embrace the latest innovation, and deliver excellent care.

Singapore’s world-class healthcare system faces rising demands, from varying policies to an aging population that threaten its sustainability. Get your FREE download of our white paper and read more about:

  • The dominant identity profile of Singapore’s healthcare workforce
  • How to build effective teams in the face of challenges
  • Strategies to form a strong and empowering environment for healthcare professionals

“In the fast-paced world of leadership, understanding and celebrating the unique differenceswithin your team is paramount. Envision a world where each team member operates withintheir strengths, propelling innovation and collaboration to new heights.”

— PeopleKeys® (The Official DISC™ Provider in DISC Assessments for over 35 years,and the largest provider of custom behavioural assessments.)

Download the White Paper:

Behavioural Tendencies of Workers in the Healthcare Industry in Singapore


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