The Student Leadership Challenge

This is a highly customisable, modular and experiential programme that explores the widely popular framework: The Student Leadership Challenge®. This programme is built upon The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®: Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable other to Act, and Encourage the Heart.

The Student Leadership Challenge® is designed based on these principles:

  1. Leadership development is self-development
  2. Leadership is everyone’s business
  3. Leadership is a relationship
  4. Leadership is learned
  5. Leadership requires deliberate practise
  6. Leadership is an aspiration and a choice
  7. Leaders make a difference


Programme Benefits

Through this programme students will be able to:

  • Identify their leadership strengths and areas for improvement
  • Build clarity and communicate individual and team values
  • Understand and support their team’s culture, strategic direction and how they can contribute toward collective success
  • Discerning opportunities, innovating, and taking risks needed for growth
  • Fostering collaboration, building teamwork, seeking win-win, and developing a foundation of trust
  • Strengthening others’ abilities to excel
  • Recognising and encouraging the accomplishments of others

Tool Used

  • SLPI: Student Leadership Practices Inventory Assessment, Self or 360 assessment

For Whom

  • Student Cohort (Primary to University level)
  • Student leaders (Primary to University level)
  • Teachers in the student development department
  • General Staff Faculty

Programme Modules

  • Introduction to The Leadership Challenge Challenge® – In this module, participants will have a common platform and understanding of the definition of leadership
  • Orienteering – This module introduces The Leadership Challenge (TLC) history and framework to the participants.
  • Model The Way – In this module, participants are empowered to be bold in standing up for the character values that matters to them, learning how to draw out, anchor and model personal values and school values.
  • Inspire a Shared Vision – This module will create an understanding on the importance of vision casting for self and others, equipping participants with tools on how to create a vision
  • Challenge The Process – This module will allow for participants to learn the principles of Failing Forward. Picking themselves up after a setback.
  • Enable Others To Act – In this module participant will learn to trust others during collaborations, seeking win-win collaborations
  • Encourage The Heart – This module will allow participants to understand the importance of building a unified community


Leading others first starts with leading self. We begin with an exploration of how these theoretical concepts translate into the lives of each youth. This begins with identifying personal values and goals to establish firm leadership principles that anchor students in their developmental journeys.

Peer Leadership

With a firm anchor and a compass to lead, students then familiarise with expressing outward leadership. This is done through experiential application that elicit behaviours, and facilitated peer learning. This allows them to personalise and define each of the five behaviours and create actionable steps to improve in targeted areas.

Public Leadership

At its highest tier, students will learn to influence and motivate others to drive for results. This incorporates enlisting others to shared visions, championing change and becoming a role model to others. At the end of the day, students will find their footing and unique approach to leading others toward positive outcomes.

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