Educators, as well as students, have much to gain from appreciating individualized strengths. Teachers who teach to student’s individual learning strengths (i.e. natural learning preferences), tend to find that students are retaining more new information and increasing their understanding of the subject matter. Teachers may also find students to be more motivated to achieve and more apt to move from one year to the next as opposed to dropping out.This programme utilises the LearningKeys™ report, a student-friendly personalised profile that uncovers a youth’s personality (DISC), learning (AVK), thinking (LITE) style – to optimise a student’s learning ability.

Programme Benefits

Through this programme the teacher-participants will be able to:

    • Identify their natural learning and teaching strengths
    • Make use of their natural teaching strengths to adapt to different teaching styles in different learning situations
    • Capitalize on their natural teaching strengths and implement strategies that compensate for limitations
    • Capitalize on their preferred teaching styles to develop teaching strategies that enhance the learning experiences of learners with diverse preferred learning styles

Tool Used

  • The LearningKeysTM Report

For Whom

  • Educators
  • Teachers
  • Trainers
  • Lecturers

Programme Modules

  • TeachingKeys™ System – This module enables participants to understand the 4 factors in engaging youths effectively with respect to learning in the classroom.
  • My Personality Style – This module utilises the DISC Report to allow students to understand their own personality traits.
  • My Learning Styles – This module utilises the Perceptual Learning Style assessment to identify individual’s preferred channels of receiving and absorbing new information (Auditory, Visual & Kinesthetic).
  • My Thinking Styles – This module utilises the Cognitive Thinking Style assessment to identify an individual’s preferred pattern of cognitive processing (Literal, Intuitive, Theoretical, Experiential).
  • Bringing it all together – This module brings it all together for the teachers, combining and blending the different learning strategies, environment and motivation to achieve an ideal learning state.

TeachingKeys™ System

How do I engage students better? What better ways to attract, retain, and even regain their attention? How can I improve my teaching, and maximise my students learning? These are the questions that might plague you as an educator, and this is a question we hope to provide insight through the TeachingKeys™ System. It includes profiling exercises that identify the individual’s “style” and how he/she can maximize strengths and manage limitations.

LearningKeys™ Assessment

Everyone goes through a phase of self discovery, you might hear a student ask, who am I, really?

Through the LearningKeys™ Assessment, students will learn of their strengths, preferences & motivation when it comes to learning.

How Can I Apply This?

Teaching a student in his/her unique learning style may help the individual to retain more new information and increase their understanding of the subject matter.

Apply the best means to deliver curriculum in the most effective and receptive way for each learning style and unlock each students greatest learning potential.

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