Motivational Keys™

MotivationKeys™ with Effective Study Skills is designed to help students in the areas of personal and interpersonal effectiveness. It aims to enable students to better manage stress, time, priorities, intra-personal and inter-personal relationships. Combined with effective study skills, students will be able to effectively cope with the demands of school, academic goals and personal lives through self-awareness and management.

Programme Benefits

Through this programme students will be able to:

  • Discover their personality style, learning and thinking style
  • Identify personal motivators to drive higher performance and self-management
  • Cope with their external environment i.e. peers and social influence by developing a positive attitude
  • Recognise that all motivations and decisions are based on choices they make
  • Develop effective study habits by capitalizing on their preferred learning style, and apply personalised study strategies to achieve their academic goals

Tool Used

  • LearningKeys™ Report

For Whom

  • Student Cohort (Secondary to University level)

Programme Modules

  • Discovering My Strengths & Motivations – In this module, students will receive their DISC Personality report, giving them insight into their behavioural styles, communication & study tips.
  • Applying My Strategies & Preferences – This module will give students an insight into their general learning styles and thinking styles, putting together time management strategies and effective goal setting, equipping students with effective study skills as well.


Using assessments tools such as DISC Personality Profiling System, Learning and Thinking styles, students will be made aware of what motivates them, and how they could effectively manage time and set goals. Students will also be guided in designing their own study habits that are suitable for themselves personally, based on their preferences in personality and learning styles.

Students will also understand how they naturally respond when under stress (based on the findings from DISC Personality Profiling), and be guided on how to handle stress effectively.

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