As a student, transiting from one phase to another has its challenges. LifeWorks™ aims to ease their transitional process and equip students with the tools to analyse their own self-limiting beliefs and work out strategies to overcome them. This programme also empowers students to be able to break away from failure, and apply self-empowering affirmations and stress management techniques to excel in their educational journey.

Programme Benefits

Through this programme students will be able to:

  • Ease through transitional periods in their educational journey and chart their own future with an increased understanding of themselves beyond school
  • Allow students to learn more about themselves and maximise their self-efficacy through a heightened level of self-awareness
  • Be empowered with the relevant ability and skills to motivate learning

Tool Used

  • The DISC Report
  • Simple Stress Management Profile
  • Time Management Matrix

For Whom

Student Cohort (Primary to Secondary level)


Programme Modules

  • Goal Setting – This module aims to equip students with the relevant skills and handles to set concrete goals and create corresponding action plans for themselves
  • Stress Management – This module explores how different personality traits handle stress and equip participants with the tools to manage it
  • Time Management – This module explores how one can effectively manage time especially when transiting from different stages of their education (i.e. Primary to Secondary education)
  • MotivationKeys – This module will help participants to learn good study skills and practical tips that will aid them in their educational journey

Develop Self Awareness

Life works in different ways for different people and one of the keys to navigating life is self awareness.

When you know yourself, you are empowered. Using the DISC Personality System Tool, students will get a clearer picture of who they are and learn to navigate through life’s challenges.

Learn Effective Strategies

There is no one way to succeeding in life.

Every person is different and through LifeWorks™, students will be equipped with strategies personalised to their personality that will increase their time & stress management along with their motivation to study.

Motivate Personal Growth

Challenges today mould students to a stronger tomorrow.

As they build effective strategies personalised to their own growth, students will learn to break away from failure and apply self-empowering affirmations to excel in their educational Journey.

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