There is no one-size-fits-all approach to leadership. Leadership is about influencing, empowering others, and translating vision into reality. LeadershipKeys™ is a designed to expand each student’s overall leadership capacity. It is highly customisable to incorporate different leadership models, bringing students through a journey of personal application to public leadership.

Programme Benefits

Through this programme students will be able to:

  • Strengthen their confidence, willingness and ability to lead in their areas of influence.
  • Lead and be willing to serve within and outside the school community.
  • Take ownership and responsibility for their personal development.
  • Grow as a student and an individual in the areas of self-reflection, expression, accountability, transformation, and ultimately, better performance as an individual.

For Whom

  • Student Cohort (Primary to University level)
  • Student Leaders

Programme Modules

  • Personal Leadership – Leadership starts with leading self. At this level, students will explore the fundamentals of leadership and what it means to be a character-centric leader.
  • Peer Leadership – The mark of a leader is when they are able to influence and have a following. In this developmental stage, students will learn skills and attributes of influential leadership and how it involves building strong relationships with others.
  • People Leadership – According to John C. Maxwell, leaders have to show credibility through producing results (5 Levels of Leadership). At this level, students are trained and equipped to become both effective and efficient managers of people and tasks. 
  • Public Leadership – In public leadership, the notion of leadership being a lifestyle is highlighted to the students, allowing them to understand that leadership is beyond any appointment given. 

Enlarging Circle Of Personal Influence And Impact

Leaders are developed from within, and leaders are meant to make an impact to those around them. This programme equips them to reach out to those around them, eventually impacting the public and community.

Educationally And Developmentally Sound Curriculum

LeadershipKeys™ adopts a constructivist curriculum (Jerome S. Bruner) which revisits basic ideas and skills repeatedly, reinforcing them until students develop a firm level of understanding and competency.

Equipping Fundamental Leadership Competencies

Leadership isn’t about acquiring a collection of skills, there is more to what makes a great “complete” leader. Knowledge and attitudes with the combination of skills are necessary for them to become leaders in their own rights – leaders who are responsible, resilient, confident, effective and nurturing.

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