Nurturing the next generation of leaders is not a simple task of just commanding and dictating. Rather, impactful leadership stems effective facilitation. Helping student leaders to develop the skills necessary to nurture the next generation of leaders is vital in creating an effective leadership culture and ensure future continuity in any team.

Programme Benefits

Through this programme students will be able to:

  • Plan and facilitate debriefs/discussions for activities
  • Learn rapport and relationship building skills
  • Mentor junior leaders so they grow into better leaders
  • Allow students to apply and contextualise their understanding of leadership and facilitation into their personal leadership walk through practical skills.

For Whom

  • Student Cohort (Secondary to University level)

Programme Modules

  • Why Facilitation – This module aims to bring students to a common understanding of what facilitation is.
  • Core Practices of Facilitation – In this module, students will be introduced to the core practices of facilitation, understanding their role as a facilitator.
  • Stages of Facilitation: Preparation – This module brings students through the process of what to consider before an activity. Learning how activities can be facilitated around the leadership model.
  • Stages of Facilitation: During – This module equips students with the necessary skills to build rapport, communicate and listen effectively. Understanding how to handle challenges even with difficult behaviours.
  • Stages of Facilitation: Closing – In this module, students will be introduced to various debriefing techniques that will help bring out the learning objectives of their participants.

Why Facilitation?

A skilled facilitator can amplify a team’s performance drastically. This experience will equip participants with the skills to guide conversations and elicit learnings from others. Participants will also develop their confidence is leading events, activities, and meetings.


Facilitators set the stage by creating a clear picture of the end goal, ensuring the team has what it needs to achieve, and helping to build momentum to bring the best out of every team.

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