Design Thinking Skills™

Design Thinking is a user-centred method to solve real-world problems. It's an approach that uses creative thinking, teamwork, empathy, concept creation, prototyping and testing. It is a structured and creative way of problem solving. Originally devised as a systematic way to design interesting and functional products, Design Thinking has now diversified to be used in multiple fields.

Programme Benefits

Through this programme the participant will be able to:

  • Think critically
  • Engage in problems/ projects using Design Thinking processes
  • Understand the importance of being open-minded and creative
  • Enhance their empathy and learn to channel creativity

For Whom

  • Student Cohort (Secondary to University level)

Programme Modules

  • Empathize – In this module, participants learn how to approach a problem with empathy and learn to look at multiple options while keeping an open mind to alternative points of view
  • Define – After having empathized with the people involved, this module teaches participants to learn how to define the needs or the problems they face.
  • Ideate – This module gives space for participants to learn how to generate ideas, both individually and in a collaborative way
  • Prototype – In this module participants learn how to quickly prototype one or more of their ideas generated.
  • Test – In this final module, participants will experience how to test and gather feedback, to further refine or completely change their prototype.
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