Choosing a possible career path is no longer determined by grades alone. In fact, research shows that organisations are looking at personality traits when hiring a candidate and choosing leaders of tomorrow. Every individual has potential, and this goes beyond academic results. CareerKeys™ aims to help students turn potential to power. This is done through the use of various self-assessment instruments to give the students a holistic view of themselves. Taking into account how their personality, values, talents and skills, interests and passion, students will chart their career exploration journey.

Programme Benefits

Through this programme students will be able to:

  • Better understand their strengths, motivations, and limitations
  • A clear understanding of how one’s personality in relation to career/education choice
  • Deepen their understanding of career choices and study options available to them

Tool Used

  • The DISC Report
  • RIASEC Code (By John Holland)
  • Multiple Intelligence Test
  • Motivated Skills Cards
  • Values Sort Cards
  • Behavioural Attitudes Index aka Passion (BAI Report)

For Whom

  • Student Cohort (Primary to University level)
  • Career Advisors in schools

Programme Modules

  • Where Am I? – In this module, participants will begin to understand where they are in their career exploration journey.
  • Who Am I? – This module will allow participants to understand themselves holistically, from their personality to their talents and skills, values, passion and interests.
  • How Do I Move Forward? – This module will help participants understand how to capitalise on their strengths to chart a possible career path for their future.

Where am I?

Often times when the career exploration journey starts, we struggle to pin-point where to begin.

This is done through the use of self-assessment instruments and interactive exercises to uncover their personal distinctiveness in terms of personality strengths, values, talents and abilities and interests.

Who am I?

Everyone goes through a phase of self discovery, you might hear a student ask, who am I, really?

And that is a question we hope to provide insight through the DISC Personality System. Students will learn of their strengths, preferences & motivation.

How Do I move Forward?

Our personality has an impact on many areas of our lives and one such area is our Career.
Through the combination of the DISC Personality System, Multiple Intelligence Profile and RIASEC Code, students can explore different possible career options. In the course we aim to enable each student to chart a possible career path for their future, based on a more holistic approach.
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