Behavioural Intelligence Certification

Based on the globally recognised and widely-used DISC Personality System, the 2-day behavioural analysis certification programme equip you to become a more “Behaviourally Intelligent” Educator. Upon completion of this training, you will receive certification from the Institute for Motivational Living (USA) as a Certified Behavioural Consultant.

Behavioural Analysis Certification for Educators

Why Behavioural Analysis Certification for Educators

Certification in behavioural analysis is not just for professional offices, it is making an impact in the classroom too. Corporate consultants and life coaches have long known that using DISC is a great tool for coaching people to become expert communicators. The best HR departments and managers have also adopted DISC Certification to help professionals improve interoffice communication and sales staff to create more “behaviorally intelligent” sales forces.  However, DISC Certification is not limited to the corporate world. School educators can also learn to adapt their personality styles and boost their “behavioural intelligence” to give them a communication edge in the classroom.


Key Learnings

  • An in-depth understanding of the framework of the four dimensions of DISC
  • An application of the Personality Profiling System and tools in personal, team and organisational development, classroom management
  • Equipped with the skills to administer and interpret an assessment instrument that identifies the behavioural styles
  • Learn to relate effectively with others: Tips to communicate, manage and motivate other styles
  • Acquire the skills to read people and identify behavioural styles and apply them in coaching, counselling, human resource management, talent management and professional consulting
  • Acquire tools to help others discover and develop their potential
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What is the DISC Personality System?

Every person has distinctive characteristics and qualities, combining to influence their thinking, preferences and behaviour. The DISC Personality System is a psychometric tool that aims to help individuals increase their self-awareness and efficacy. While all people possess each of the four dimensions in varying intensity, individuals of each predominant style gravitate toward a set of common behaviours, strengths, preferences and motivations. DISC has a universal language of its own, that explains behaviours and emotions. It is based on factors that transcend gender, race and culture. All people exhibit these behavioural characteristics and knowing the behaviour quotient will enable you to understand a person better.

The key to DISC is to discover where a person lies amidst the four-quadrants:

  • Dominance – Person places emphasis on accomplishing results, the bottom line, challenges
  • Influence – Person places emphasis on influencing, openness, relationships
  • Steadiness – Person places emphasis on cooperation, stability, dependability
  • Compliance – Person places emphasis on accuracy, conscientious, competency

For Whom

This certification programme is highly recommended for teachers, tutors, allied educators, heads of departments, admin managers, vice-principals, principals and anyone who wants to utilize the universal language of communication to create the best teaching and learning environments.


What you will receive from the training:

  • Pre-Work Reading Materials
  • Online assessment to complete the 3D Report (DISC/ TEAMS/ Value)
  • Introduction to Behavioural Analysis Certification Guide
  • Guidebook for all 41 Behavioural Blends
  • Steps to Graph Interpretation
  • DISC Quick Reference Identifier Card
  • DISC PowerPoint Presentation Slides
  • Research and Validation Supplement
  • Additional DISC-related Reading Resources
  • 12 months of ongoing coaching & consulting on how to run your own DISC workshop/coaching
  • 1 x Free DISC Online Assessment
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