What You Need To Know About Career Personality Tests

Hiring the wrong person could mean disaster for your organisation. Personality tests can be very useful for organisations to match the correct candidate to the appropriate job role – this is what we refer to as a career sweet-spot.

Career personality tests, also called Career assessment profiling, can open doors to a realm of new insights. Some tools can help you identify your motivated skills, against other reasons that lead to burnout in your current job. Others even identify your passions in the workplace; what drives you and gives you fulfilment.

Psychological and personality tests analyse your personal qualities, strengths, and weaknesses. For instance, do you like to follow orders, are you more proactive, or do you prefer to lead a team? Your answers to these questions can help you assess your ideal working environment, direct you to your ideal career path and help you understand how to capitalise on your strengths in the workplace. Based on your personality, preferences, and patterns, you’ll rediscover the types of professions you’re best suited for.

Before taking any career personality tests, it is best that:

  • You are well-rested
  • Be in a “neutral emotional state,” so that the results are valid
  • Answer in the way that best describes you
  • You are clear of the context for the assessment
  • There is no right or wrong answer, so it’s important to be honest with yourself

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