Why a growth mindset is increasingly key for your team’s development

As new technologies emerge, such as the latest buzz around AI, organisations are having to transform the way they operate.

No longer are you competing with local competitors, now your competitions are across borders and in different corners of the world. Even if you aren’t facing these pressures now, chances are you’ll feel these impacts on your organisation sooner rather than later.

As a manager or aspiring team leader, how can you build a culture where your people can survive and thrive in this uncertain yet ever-advancing world?

What you need is to nurture a growth mindset.

A growth mindset is a belief that everyone must seek to improve their personal and professional skills on an ongoing basis, through dedication, hard work, and training

This means emphasising the talents of all and that everyone has the capacity and ability to improve themselves. This means celebrating mistakes as learning opportunities for both individuals and teams alike. This means encouraging your people to take risks in their role without fear of failure.

We share some nuggets of why nurturing a growth mindset in your organisation is key for your team’s development.

Both you and your people can better deal with setbacks and failures

A growth mindset is about learning from mistakes, being willing to change your approach, and not giving up when things get tough.

When you have a growth mindset, you’re more likely to see setbacks as opportunities for improvement and growth. That can make all the difference in how well you and your team deal with setbacks.

Your people can do better work and be more productive

A growth mindset keeps your team more open to new ideas and new ways of working, such as improved processes that make them more efficient.

It also makes it easier for your people to take and accept feedback, whether from their peers or their managers, and make changes and improvements where necessary.

Your people can reach their potential

A growth mindset is, after all, about prioritising learning, professional development and even personal growth. As a leader, your growth mindset should be about helping your people reach their potential.

Having a growth mindset as a leader means you’re more likely to treat every challenge as an opportunity for learning and development, rather than a problem. You’ll tend to encourage others to stretch themselves by taking on new challenges or responsibilities,rather than keeping them in their comfort zone,

Your focus will be on helping people develop skills that will help them achieve their goals – whether those are technical skills or softer ones like communication, leadership or management capabilities.

You can develop a positive corporate culture

A growth mindset can also be perceived as a positive outlook that leads to more effective communication, problem solving and time management. It’s also the foundation for building better relationships with your team members.

In a growth mindset culture, people feel comfortable asking questions and admitting when they don’t know something. They’re not afraid of failure but are eager to learn from their mistakes, as  they know that everyone makes mistakes sometimes. 

This nurtures an environment where people feel more comfortable sharing ideas and taking risks because they know that their colleagues will support them no matter what happens – even if those ideas may not work out.

Your organisation can better navigate an uncertain future

Uncertainty is a fact for businesses. It will only become more challenging as we enter an era where new technologies disrupt existing ones and traditional business models at an increasingly rapid pace. 

Without a growth mindset, you’ll be unprepared when uncertainty strikes in your organisation. That could mean missing out on valuable opportunities or worse, making wrong decisions more often than not.

A growth mindset helps you and your people deal with uncertainty by building resilience and adapting to change quickly. This allows your organisation to keep moving forward and hitting your goals, even amid today’s challenges, innovation and constant disruption.

It is therefore key to build a growth mindset within your organisation. Contact us today and discuss how our programs can help you achieve this.


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