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  In our collective efforts to provide relevant solutions that continuously build and impact our communities, we are thrilled to partner with The Positive Movement to finally launch our Resilience & Wellness programmes!  We look forward to enable people to uncover their strengths, providing support and solutions in the space of...

 I am thrilled to announce the partnership between Lifeskills Institute and Best Of Me, the first Asia-based digital coaching platform that integrates behavioural science, AI-powered learning and 1-on-1 coaching to make coaching accessible to everyone. Our missions are aligned in empowering individuals, teams and organizations...

 You can now claim up to 70% of course fees through SkillsFuture Credit when you enrol as a Certified Behavioural Consultant!   FOLLOW THESE STEPS TO REDEEM YOUR SKILLSFUTURE CREDIT:  Register/Login to My SkillsFuture Portal.  Click here to the course directory. Once you have registered for the course, it's...

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