Study of 300,000 leaders reveal the top 10 traits of Extraordinary Leaders

Here’s how you can transform from good to great.


The best leaders have a collection of repeatable abilities that build and grow sustainable, successful organisations and businesses. But what sets an extraordinary leader apart from all the other leaders in the world? How do you know if you’re right on track?

An extensive study conducted by Zenger/Folkman ranked the TOP 10 most important leadership skills voted upon by 332,860 bosses, peers, and subordinates; the findings were then published in the Harvard Business Review (the percentage is the most voted upon by the respondents).

Highlights and spotlights

We understand that leadership is a process, and that there’s always more room for improvement. Recognise your leadership today and be accountable for the influence you have on others. Have you been putting off this dire investment for yourself? Pick one or two key leadership traits/competencies and focus on developing them. Set your sights and visualise the leader you want to become and most importantly, don’t settle for good, go for extraordinary.


2 more weeks left, Monday, 21 October – 9-5pm


Your last chance to register for the upcoming run of award-winning The Extraordinary Leader™ workshop.

Participants will receive an individual 360-degree leadership feedback report, understand the report structure, interpret the data, and discuss how it can be most effectively used to build on their leadership strengths and competencies.

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