Programme Calendar


Certified Behavioural Consultant (CBC)26-2718-1927-2829-3029-3012-13
Certified Behavioural and Career Consultant (CBCC)26-2818-2027-2929-3129-3112-14
Certified Advanced Behavioural Analyst (CABA)26-2730-3130-3127-2829-30
Certified Stress Management Consultant (CSMC)12-1316-176-7

FEB 26-27

APR 18-19

JUN 27-28

AUG 29-30

OCT 29-30

DEC 12-13

FEB 26-28

APR 18-20

JUN 27-29

AUG 29-31

OCT 29-31

DEC 12-14

MAR 26-27

MAY 30-31

JUL 30-31

SEPT 27-28

NOV 29-30

APR 12-13

AUG 16-17

NOV 6-7

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Coming soon.



I remember being so wowed by the whole experience. It would have taken a trainer with a lot of credentials, experience as well as heart.

YVONNE KONG-HO, on her experience attending a course by Lifeskills Institute

Manager, Undergraduate Career Services