The DISC Personality System

The newly revised and expanded version of classic IML DISC Profile behavioral analysis booklet now comes with 41 pages which include:
• Revised, detailed instructions
• Expanded introduction to the profile
• Enhanced information on DISC
• Additional tips on enhancing communication
• More blended pattern descriptions

This comprehensive DISC profile tool is used to determine personality styles for use in training, coaching, counseling (marriage, family, pastoral and individual), human resource management and professional consulting. Perfect as an aid in hiring, developing an effective and cohesive team, leadership training, and many other areas.

This workbook identifies an individual’s personality style, D, I, S, or C by using a simple 24-question profile (takes only 7-minutes!) and helps provide understanding to the differences in people, providing a personal review of each individual’s strengths and limitations, and gives an action plan to improve relationships.

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