TEAMS & Values Style Report

Everyone Who Works in a Team Needs to Take the TEAMS & Values Style Report. The PeopleKeys® TEAMS report will provide team members with incredibly accurate insights into team roles and team dynamics & The PeopleKeys® Values Style Report helps us understand our internal value system which we use daily to make judgments about tasks, relationships, issues, events, and goals.


The PeopleKeys® TEAMS and Value Style Thinking Styles report increases team members’ understanding and appreciation for each other’s:


  • Talents
  • Preferences
  • Communication style
  • Leadership qualities
  • Challenge areas
  • Discover a person’s underlying motivators
  • Assess a person’s willingness to change
  • Understand how traditions affect a marriage
  • Make quality “people” decisions when hiring
  • Understand your child’s need for personal freedom
  • Assess the level of a person’s involvement
  • Place staff in positions they will enjoy
  • Understand how a need for equality affects communication
  • Deeper understanding increases the quality of communication and strengthens trust within the team


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