Sales Report

This Sales Report explains your personality style in a sales role according to the DISC Personality System. It helps you identify your own selling strengths and limits. With this information, you can capitalize on your strengths and recognize any limits hindering your success. Secondly, this report offers tips for a manager based upon your unique selling style. Lastly, this report covers ways to motivate customers based upon the preferences of their distinctive buying styles.
What You’ll Get From This Powerful, Personalized Sales Report:

  • Strengths and challenges based on your selling styles
  • Best sales attributes and environment
  • Managing disc selling styles
  • Tips for motivating & managing your sales force
  • Increasing sales by recognizing customer’s buying styles
  • Ways to improve sales with each style of customer
  • When communicating: communicating tips and Dos and DON’Ts
  • Leadership and PowerDISC™
  • How to relate better with others personal tops on relating on other styles
  • Historical character page
  • Sales action plan
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