PeopleKeys® Report (DTV – DISC Report with TEAMS & Values)

The new Personality Report with TEAMS & Workplace Values is powered by PeopleKeys® and the resulting report provides you with in-depth information about your behaviour, motivation and team thinking style. Sections include:


  • Introduction – To Your Personality Report
  • Description – Understanding Your Personality Style
  • Motivational Characteristics – Of Your Behavioural Style
  • Historical Characters – Who Share Your Style
  • Communication – DOs and DONTs
  • Communication – Worksheet
  • Graph Page – Based On Your Results
  • TEAMS Styles
  • Work Value styles
  • Action Plan – To Improve Interpersonal Skills
  • The roles you prefer in a team or group environment
  • Hidden motivators that people value within the workplace


PeopleKeys® allows you to accurately assess the behavioral traits, communication style, temperament, team thinking and workplace values of all your current and potential employees. This information can provide you with invaluable information and has been proven to be the best predictor of a potential employees future success. There are three ways that PeopleKeys® can provide you with job specific Performance Benchmarks:


Industry Standard Benchmarks

PeopleKeys® has data collected from over a thirty year history of job profiles plus uses ONET and other industry databases which meet EEOC guidelines. We have predefined
benchmarks for over 1200 occupations.


Client Input

PeopleKeys® will use data collected from
managers/supervisors about the specific demands of the job. We can also factor in the behavior and personality styles of existing team members, direct supervisors and even clients to create a behavioral profile for success.


Custom Benchmarking

PeopleKeys® can assess your current topperformers and create a benchmark based on the behaviors, thinking styles and values they all have in common. This method is the most reliable overall and leads to the highest success rates in retention, performance and replication.

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