PeopleKeys® DISC Report (version 3)

The PeopleKeys® – DISC report is an online personality assessment based on the DISC Personality System that will provide you with a 15-page report of your individual style. This report is useful for understanding yourself and others and gives insight into improving communication in relationships.

  • Introduction – To Your Personality Report – Putting the 4 Dimensions of Behaviour into Perspective
  • Graphs – Meaning of the 3 Graphs – Mask, Core & Mirror
  • Description – Understanding Your Personality Style
    • General Characteristics
    • Motivated By
    • Ideal Environment
  • Communication Style – DO’s and DON’Ts
  • Motivational Characteristics- Motivating Goals
    • How You Evaluate & Influence Others
    • Value to the Team
    • Reaction to Pressure
    • Areas for Improvement
    • Positive Characteristics in Group Setting
  • PowerDISC™ – Your strengths In Leadership
  • Action Plan – Improving Your Interpersonal Skills


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