Motivated Skills Card Sorts

  • Discover what your favorite skills are.
  • Identify skills to list on your résumé and CV.
  • Know which skills to leave off your résumé, so your next job is a better fit for you.
  • Identify your “transferable skills.” The skills you can take with you from job to job.
  • Discover your “motivated skills.” Skills you enjoy using the most and are highly proficient at.
  • Understand your “burn out skills.” Those skills you are competent at, but no longer enjoy using.
  • Discover your “developmental skills.” Those areas where you want to improve, or learn new skills.


Cards Features:

  • Card Sorts Are Culture Free
  • A Quick Way to Rank Order Skills
  • They Can Serve as Stimuli for “Projective” Techniques
  • Can Be Used in Group Settings As Well As One-To-One
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