Group Dynamics Report

High-performing companies have high- performing teams. Outstanding teams are often crafted and cultivated, so it is no accident that some groups perform better than others.

This team-building tool uses DISC to explore the traits that make independently talented people come together to form a team culture.

This group report is designed to allow you to examine the behavioral strengths and characteristics of each team member independently as well as collectively. Used as a springboard for enhanced collaboration, this report will shed light upon leadership impact, communication/task flow and increase awareness of individual strengths and diversity.

Another goal is to show how each team member has tremendous impact upon the team and how each team affects the organization as a whole. Organizations who use DISC can create a neutral language regarding the core styles, making discussions about personal traits less “personal,” and more based on style awareness. Teams and organizations that embrace DISC can experience improved communication, stronger relationships, higher levels of productivity and creativity, reduced stress, and greater results.


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