BAI Report (Behavioural Attitudes Index)

The Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI) gauges the underlying passions and motivations of an individual within a specific environment. Behavioral attitudes coincide with the feelings and thoughts that unwittingly mold every choice a person makes.

The Behavioral Attitudes Index helps people to understand the underlying motivations behind their actions. Why is this important? Because when people act in accordance with their behavioral attitudes, they find that their behavior feels natural- as though it is aligned with their deepest sense of self. When we engage in behavior that is not aligned with our behavioral attitudes we feel stressed, as though what we are doing just doesn’t feel right.

Use the Behavioral Attitudes Index to help you:

  • Understand a person’s decision-making process
  • Become aware of the internal factors that guide decisions, tastes, and behaviors
  • Gain indispensable insight into how a potential employee might fit into an existing corporate culture, and which position they would be internally motivated to excel in.
  • Assess which tasks, careers, college majors etc. are naturally aligned with a person
  • Take advantage of our research on over 300,000 individuals to discover the ‘secret sauce’ which causes some individuals to be more successful and happy doing their job
  • Increase the longevity and productivity of employees
  • Replicate highly successful employee’s traits & behaviors and to avoid replicating the traits of less successful employees.
  • Understand how a person’s internal motivators determine what they will enjoy and what they are willing to spend energy toward
  • Discover why people make the decisions that they do, and gain greater empathy and understanding (perfect for counseling and coaching applications)


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