A blended-learning, online certification course co-created by Lifeskills Institute and PeopleKeys®.



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More and more learners now prefer multimedia to stay engaged at their own preferred pace and environment. The Online Certified Advanced Behavioural Consultant (OCABC) course gives you exclusive and in-depth material to learn at your convenience. This experience will be in a blended-learning format of engaging video content, interactive quizzes, practical assignments, and 2 live online training sessions.

As a Behavioural Consultant, you would have some experience in using the DISC profile for consulting, solutioning, and developing actionable plans for your clients. It is a fulfilling process to guide someone in building self-awareness by uncovering and understanding their behaviours. However, have you ever wondered what goes beyond the surface of one’s personality?

As an Advanced Behavioural Consultant, your arsenal will now comprise of 4 personality models that thoroughly describe a person. Delve deeper into behavioural analysis with the 4-Dimensions Report – DISC (behaviour), TEAMS (task and thinking preferences), Values (hidden motivators) and BAI (behavioural attitudes/passions). You will learn to understand and apply the different tools to explain the unobservable preferences and motivations that go beneath the outward expression of a person’s personality/behaviour.

Our master trainers will walk you through new skills and techniques in advanced DISC graph interpretation – you’ll be able to read graphs in seconds! A case study catalogue will be provided for you to practice and hone your skills. You will also learn to use the DISC tool for leadership development, team development, and for hiring and recruitment through the OccupationalKeys® & Benchmarking System.

The 2 live online training sessions are led by our master trainers who have trained and profiled thousands in the concept of behavioural assessments. These sessions will cover real life case studies, interactive group learning, and facilitated Q&A sessions.

Time commitment:

  • 4.5 hrs of self-paced audio-video tutorials
  • 60 mins of self-paced learning through case studies and comprehensive reviews
  • 2 x 3 hrs of Live Online Training sessions
  • Completion of Exam (40 MCQ) and 1 Individual Assignment


Pre-Programme Preparation / Qualification

Participants must have already been DISC-certified and have acquired the basic skills of graphs interpretation (completed the CBC/CBCC or Online CBC certification).

What is the difference between online CABC and in-person CABC?

The online CABC is launched to meet the needs of participants who continue to seek personal development amidst their schedule and commitments. Here is a table of comparison of the different learning formats:



Self-Directed Online Learning: 

  • Review DISC Case Studies for business and personal growth consulting
  • Exploring TEAMS – a person’s thinking and task preferences when working in groups
  • Exploring Values – a person’s ideals and hidden motivators
  • Exploring BAI – a person’s behavioural attitudes – the thoughts, feelings and emotions that shape every decision we make
  • Understanding and application of the 4-Dimensions Report
  • OccupationalKeys® & Benchmarking System for hiring and talent development


Live Online Sessions:

  • Advanced DISC graph reading and interpretation techniques
  • In-depth look into DISC for leadership and team development through the PowerDISCTM Model and Radar Graph Tool Kit
  • Consolidation of your 4-Dimensions Report



  • Live Online 1: 08 October 2021, 7pm – 10pm (Singapore Time/GMT+8)
  • Live Online 2: 20 October 2021, 7pm – 10pm (Singapore Time/GMT+8)



Early Bird Rate: $1062 (Registration and payment must be made 1 month before course commencement)

Full Course Fee per pax: $1180

Above fees are subject to 7% GST. 



  • Pre-Work Material – 4-Dimensions online assessment
  • (Downloadable) Advanced Behavioural Analysis Certification Guide
  • (Downloadable) Individual Reflection Assignment Sheet



  • 12 months of ongoing coaching & consulting on how to run your own DISC workshop/coaching
  • Supplementary Materials
  • App2PeopleKeys User Manual
  • 1 Free 4-Dimensions Online Assessment



This certification programme is highly recommended for Corporate Executives, Managers, Team Leaders, Business Consultants, Educators, Trainers, Coaches, Professionals in Human Resource, Education, Social Service, Hospitality & Tourism, Sales & Marketing and other people-oriented industries.

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