Research has shown that employees are 11 times more likely to prefer corrective feedback over positive feedback. This workshop offers the training and practical tools in feedback skills and creating a personal development plan for yourself. When delivered with effective feedback skills, it is a proven vehicle for better performance management, employee engagement and employee commitment.


Managers must be skilled coaches helping their employees reach full potential and feedback conversations are taking center stage. This programme offer insights and skill-building that will grow your leaders into the coaches they need to be now and in the future.

As part of the Elevating Feedback experience, participants learn a pattern for providing feedback — both reinforcing and redirecting—is a proven vehicle for better performance management, employee engagement, and employee commitment; all of which have a direct impact on organisational results.

When delivered with skill, feedback is a powerful tool for organisations and employees. This 1-day skill-building workshop will train participants in feedback skills and will create a personal development plan. You will leave the workshop prepared to have more effective feedback conversations.


Elevating Feedback is a half-day workshop that gives employees at all levels of the organisation the skills to improve the feedback experience.

Prior to the workshop, individual will take a Feedback Preferences Survey Profile designed to capture their propensity on several dimensions assessing giving and receiving feedback.


This programme you will learn to:

  • Identify the personal and business benefits of providing effective feedback
  • Analyze the Feedback Practices and Perspectives Self-Assessment. This assessment measures the extent to which people seek to give and receive the two major kinds of feedback: reinforcing and redirecting. In addition, it measures inner self-confidence.
  • Reflect on how preference and behaviour impact the ability to give and receive feedback
  • Use best practices for providing meaningful reinforcing feedback
  • Use the FUEL model as a framework for providing redirecting feedback
  • Create a personal feedback action plan


This program is designed for employees at every level of the organisation.


  • Available for in-house workshop

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Each participant will receive:

  • Elevating Feedback Participant Manual – a reference workbook, toolset to empower effective feedback
  • Elevating Feedback, Feedback Preferences Survey – a self-survey that measures giving and receiving behavioural preferences
  • Elevating Feedback Quick Guide – a useful reference tool 



Elevating Feedback is available in the following standard format:

– 1-day, In-person Workshop

–  2 X 2 hrs Online Live 

It would be our pleasure to work with you to create the format that will best suit your organisation’s unique requirements.


Register early to reserve your seat.


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