DISCover Your Selling Strengths

Powered by PeopleKeys® – DISC Personality System

Your Framework to Understanding Yourself and Others


Based on the well-known and widely used DISC Personality System, this specially designed 1-day workshop helps you understand the sales strengths in every individual. It will equip you with a framework to understand the 4-dimensions of human behaviour more profoundly and sell effectively to any customer of different styles.


Why should you enrol?

The sales process can be considered one of the most complex interactions between two people. What motivates a buyer? What is the best way to sell? The considerations to productive sales remain limitless.

This workshop will equip you with the awareness of your unique sales preferences and strengths. In addition, you will learn to identify your customer’s style to effectively engage and sell.

Be a frontrunner in the sales field through the 1-day programme. This workshop is targeted at uncovering an individual’s unique sales strengths, understanding different buying styles and adapting your sales approach. Gain the greatest competitive advantage through our research-based, sales-specific profile which offers in-depth information, tips, strategies and action plans to help sales people become more effective.


  • Discover the behaviour of self and others through DISC
  • Identify the unique sales strengths in each individual
  • Identify your customer’s style vs your style
  • Different selling style to Different buying style (all the 16 combinations)
  • Obtain customer commitment through DISCerning their buying style
  • Tailor an Effective Relationship with Customers


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Full Course Fee per pax: $550

Above fees are subject to 7% GST.



Each Participant will receive:

  • Pre-Work Material – Sales Report online assessment
  • DISC identifier Card
  • Supplementary notes


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Professionals in the people-industry and in all walks of sales.


Lifeskills Institute is IML’s Master Training & Certification Centre (Asia) and Master Distributor for PeopleKeysTM & DISC Training Resources in Asia.


The Institute for Motivational Living is one of the largest publishers of DISC personality assessments and related materials. It is a training and publishing company designed to help people communicate better and work together more effectively.

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