My Style, My Strength, My Leadership


Powered by PeopleKeys® – DISC Personality System

Your Framework to Understanding Yourself and Others


More than 1 million people use DISC profiling every year to help them understand themselves and as tool for talent management.


This specially designed 1-day workshop is based on widely used DISC Personality System, it will equip you with a framework to understand the 4-dimensions of human behaviour more profoundly. The workshop also covers the 7 elements of leadership based on the DISC Personality System and utilizes case studies and graphs to interpret human relationships and team dynamics.


Why should you enrol?

This workshop is an investment in you, your organization and personal relationships. Equip yourself with the awareness and skills to better manage yourself and relate effectively with others of different styles. You will explore your leadership tendencies based on the PowerDISC™ model and utilize real life case studies to identify different conflict/complimenting traits.

You will receive a personalized report which sheds light on your unique personality blend, as you tackle the vast question of “Who Am I?”. Together with our experienced consultants, unpack and understand your Public, Stress and Private self as you unravel 4 DISC graphs that describe you.

Once you have identified your unique strengths, limitations, and motivations, the next question the workshop tackles is “Who Are You?”. Imagine the advantage if you could read people like a book, learn to appreciate and relate effectively with different behavioural styles.

Specially for this full-day programme, learn to understand potential conflict and/or complimenting traits of the various DISC blends via our Radar Graph. This allows you understand dynamics within teams to help improve relationships and build cohesive teams.

You will receive exclusive training materials and tool kits to help you utilise your new-found knowledge in understanding people better.


  • Understand the 4 Behavioural Styles of Dominance, Influence, Steady and Compliance
  • Identify your DISC profile along with your unique strengths, preferences and motivations
  • Learn to relate better to someone of a different style
  • Application of Peoplekeys® DISC in working and communicating with different styles
  • Identify your leadership strengths based on the PowerDISC™ model
  • Explore using the Radar Graph to improve relationship and build cohesive teams



  • 09 JULY 2021



Full Course Fee per pax: $550 
Early bird discount of 10% offer for registration and payment completed 1 month before the workshop

Above fees are subject to 7% GST.



Each Participant will receive:

  • Pre-Work Material – DISC online assessment
  • DISC identifier Card
  • Supplementary notes


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Anyone interested in understanding behaviour in aspects of self and others and exploring leadership and team building.


Lifeskills Institute is IML’s Master Training & Certification Centre (Asia) and Master Distributor for PeopleKeysTM & DISC Training Resources in Asia.


The Institute for Motivational Living is one of the largest publishers of DISC personality assessments and related materials. It is a training and publishing company designed to help people communicate better and work together more effectively.

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