The Certified Stress Management Consultant (CSMC) is an evidenced based certification programme that is accredited by IML (USA), and is delivered by Lifeskills Institute.

Empower yourself with knowledge on building personal resilience, and practical stress management skills. Uniquely tying the DISC behavioural profile into stress management, this programme will give you highly targeted ways of managing your stress in your life based on your personal behavioural style.

This 2-day certification training will educate learners on the application of the tools to help others at your workplace and at home to manage stress. In addition, these tools will be provided for you to conduct seminars, talks and workshops on stress management.

Why should you enrol?

  • Identify and understand stressors and stress signals
  • Manage stress and build resilience
  • Help others cope effectively with their stress and achieve balance and success in their lives
  • Develop an understanding of how the four basic personality styles deal with stress
  • Use the strengths of your personality to overcome stress
  • Administer the Stress Evaluation Profile that identifies your individual level of stress in 10 critical life areas
  • Develop a stress management programme tailored to fit your individual style
  • Explore the facts and debunk the myths about stress
  • Learn great tips and techniques you may use in counselling/coaching/mentoring practice
  • Be equipped to conduct a one-day seminar on stress management


  • Defining stress – the good, the bad, the ugly
  • Identifying your stressors – where is your stress coming from?
  • Types of potential daily stressors
  • Exploring the truths and debunking the myths of stress
  • The transactional model of stress and coping
  • Creating the cycle of success
  • The A-B-C-D techniques of analyzing your beliefs, feelings, and behaviour
  • Administering the Stress Evaluation Profile
  • Identifying your individual level of stress in 10 critical life areas
  • Connection with DISC Personality System
  • Understanding your stress signals
  • The 8 points Stress Management Checklist
  • The balanced wheel of life
  • Using your strengths to overcome stress
  • Understanding how the 4 basic personality styles deal with stress
  • Effective personal management techniques
  • Practising extreme self-care
  • Going to market – turning your knowledge into helping others



  • 12-13 NOVEMBER 2020



  • 27-28 MAY 2021
  • 2-3 DECEMBER 2021



Full Course Fee per pax: $1280
Early Bird Rate: $1152 (Register and make the payment one month before certification date)

Above fees are subject to 7% GST. 



Each Participant will receive:

  • Certified Stress Management Certification Guide
  • The Stress Profile
  • The DISC Personality System Booklet
  • DISC Fitness Style Tips
  • Building My Stress Profile
  • Personal Life Expectancy Worksheet
  • The Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory
  • Life Roles Wheel
  • Activity #1: Stressors – Where Is Your Stress Coming From?
  • Activity #2: Stress Warning Signals – Knowing When You are Stressed
  • Stress Management Exercise
    • Identifying your stressors in different Environment
    • Identifying your Stress Signals
    • Identifying the Stress of Change
    • What you Tell Yourself About your Stress
    • Creating a Plan to Control your Stress



  • 12 months of ongoing coaching & consulting on how to run your own DISC workshop/coaching
  • Supplementary Materials


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Social Workers, Coaches, Teachers, Youth Workers, Trainers, Counsellors, HR Professionals and other Professionals working with children and adults

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