Based on the well-known and widely used DISC Personality System, this specially designed 2-day intensive certification and training programme in behavioural analysis will provide you with a framework to understand human behavior more profoundly. It will equip you with key people-reading skills and help you become proficient in behavioural analysis in no time. DISC Certification – CBC explores four basic personality styles and you learn to relate better to someone of a different style.



Imagine the advantage you’d have if you could read people like a book – and have the paper qualification to back it up! Now you can!


This certification programme covers a comprehensive introduction to DISC theory, DISC styles, DISC style blends, enhancing interactions between different styles, graph analysis, special patterns, and an introduction to DISC application. You will be equipped to administer and interpret an assessment instrument that identifies the behavioural style. These instruments are widely used in coaching, counselling, human resource management, talent management and professional consulting.


The training is an investment in you, your workplace and personal relationships. It equips you with profound skills to effectively consult, counsel and communicate with others. You will join the global network consisting of thousands of qualified professionals who are already impacting lives at home, workplace, organisation and the community with their enhanced capabilities.


You will receive a professional certification as a behavioural consultant, instructions in the administration, interpretation and application of a recognized assessment instrument. You will also receive both training and technical support as you go through this certification programme. This ensures your proper understanding and successful application of the training.


This certification programme is trained and led by our consultant experts who have trained and profiled thousands in the concept of behavioural assessment. There is consistent on-going research of data mining into the behavioural quotient with the data collected from more than 50,000 people whom we have profiled over the years. You will be able to generate income as a professional consultant from the concepts learned in this course.


Upon completion of this training, you will receive certification from the Institute for Motivational Living as a Certified Behavioural Consultant.


Pre-Programme Preparation / Qualification

Participants need to take an online administration of the DISC Personality Style – PAIR (Personality Awareness Impact Report) prior to attending the training.


  • An understanding of the four dimensions of DISC
  • An understanding of the application of the Personality Profiling
  • System and tools in personal, inter-personal and team development
  • Learn to read people’s strengths, motivations and tendencies like a book
  • Acquire a tool to help others discover and develop their potential

Do I need to renew credentials once I’ve been accredited?

No. DISC certification does not expire, although we strongly encourage you to stay up to date with supplementary training materials and other DISC training materials over time.


– 26-27 JUNE 2019
– 28-29 AUGUST 2019
– 23-24 OCTOBER 2019
– 11-12 DECEMBER 2019




Hong Kong:
– 20-21 MAY 2019
– 08-09 JULY 2019
– 09-10 SEPTEMBER 2019
– 14-15 NOVEMBER 2019




Full Course Fee per pax: $1580 NETT
Early Bird Rate: $1422 (Registration and payment must be made one month before course commencement)


(The above pricing is ONLY for Singapore workshop) (Please email us for prices for Malaysia and Hongkong) 



Each Participant will receive:

  • Pre-Work Material – DTV online assessment and DISC Infographics
  • Introduction to Behavioural Analysis Certification Guide
  • 6 Steps to Graph Interpretation
  • DISC Identifier Card
  • The DISC Personality System Booklet x 2 copies
  • Downloadable Audio files
  • DISC PowerPoint Presentation Slides
  • CBC Post-Assignment
  • Supplementary Materials


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Corporate Executives, Managers, Team Leaders, Business Consultants, Educators, Trainers, Coaches, Professionals in Human Resource, Education, Social Service, Hospitality & Tourism, Sales & Marketing and other people-oriented industries.

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