DISC, Teams, Values – 3D

The 3D Personality Report with TEAMS Thinking Styles & Workplace Values, is powered by PeopleKeys® and the resulting report provides you with in-depth information about your behavior, hidden motivators, and team thinking style.

By coupling the proven, powerful PeopleKeys DISC Assessment™ with TEAMS and Workplace Values, you can unlock your hidden motivators. This 3-Dimensional view will provide you with the keys to hire right the first time by applying predictive analysis and replicating your best employees, as well as increase productivity, satisfaction, and retention and improve your team environment as a whole.

Buy 1- 9 for SGD 70.00/ per report
Buy 10-99 for SGD 63.00/ per report
Buy 100-199 for SGD 59.50/ per report
Buy 200- 499 for SGD 56.00/ per report
For Bulk Purchase, do contact admin@lifeskillsinstitute.sg

See sample report here.