DISC Report

The PeopleKeys® DISC Personality System is recognized as “the universal language of behavior” and is a simple assessment tool yielding profound insight into human behavior by identifying the intensity of four personality traits: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.

The PeopleKeys® – DISC report is an online personality assessment based on the DISC Personality System that will provide you with a 16-page report of your individual style. This report is useful for understanding yourself and others and gives insight into improving communication in relationships.

The DISC Personality System Profile is used by individuals, businesses, schools, and governments worldwide. Discovering your DISC personality style will enable you to gain self-awareness, enhance communication, strengthen relationships, implement predictive hiring processes, increase employee retention, build productive teams, and motivate yourself and others.

The online DISC Personality System is available in several localized international language options.

Buy 1- 10 for SGD 45.00/ per report
Buy 11-50 for SGD40.50/ per report
Buy 51-100 for SGD 38.25/ per report
For Bulk Purchase, do contact admin@lifeskillsinstitute.sg 

See sample report here.