Product Feature: WHO AM I? Card Sort & Values Card Sort

LAST UPDATE ON June 28, 2023


The Perfect Tool Kit for Self-Discovery

Looking for new ways to help your clients discover more about themselves through fun and interactive activities? 

WHO AM I? Card Sort

A card game that introduces learners to the DISC Personality System! It can be used as a great ice-breaker or an insightful exchange of thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Who Am I? Is an effective DISC toolkit that helps individuals undercover the personality preferences through a dexterous card sort activity. Each of the four colour-coded suits consists of 12 cards with words that describe the D,I,S,C personality style.
Check out 11 different ways you can use these cards here!



Values Card Sort

Values provide an internal compass that guide us on what is good, right, useful, desirable and constructive.
Values inform our behaviour and influence the decisions we make.
‘What are your core values?’

Uncover the answers to such a difficult question, through a simple card sort activity that facilities the self-discovery process.
Delve deeper and explore further the four value-directions:

  • Self – exploration
  • Self – pursuit
  • Self – preservation
  • Self – transcendence