Online Exclusive Alumni Event!

LAST UPDATE ON June 28, 2023


Dear Alumni,
Recall the time you were a student attending CBC – did you marvel at Lee Fong’s prowess to analyse your DISC graphs in one quick glance? Was she able to read beneath the report and offer you jaw dropping insights? If your answers are “YES” and “YES”, we’re excited to invite you to our online exclusive Alumni Booster Session!
Join us online at our Alumni Exclusive Booster Session to ignite these mystical abilities all from the comfort of your home – imagine that! 


Key things that we will be covering in this session: 

  • Advanced DISC Graph Reading Techniques
    • What can you read from the:
      • Size & Shape
      • Distance Between Points
      • Special S/C & D/C Factors 
  • DISC Application for Leadership & Team Development 


What you will walk away with:
  • PK3 DISC Report (New!)
  • 1-Page Insights Summary (EXCLUSIVE for this session only!)


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