New Research-Based Resilience Diagnostic Tool and Solutions!

LAST UPDATE ON June 28, 2023

Lifeskills Institute is proud to partner with The Resilience Institute to bring you research-based resilience solutions​ for companies, schools, coaches and individuals! 

With leaders planning the future of their organisations while managing the unexpected challenges from this pandemic, now is the time when resilience is most needed to adapt to this new reality. What is resilience and why is it important? Resilience is the ability to recover from setbacks and adapt to challenging circumstances and is required to thrive and flourish. 

Lifeskills Institute continue to strive to be the trusted authority for life skills, learning, development, accreditation and practice. Our partnership with The Resilience Institute enhances our capabilities to enable people to uncover their strengths and maximise their potential in their personal lives and careers.

What is the Resilience Diagnostic App? 

The Resilience Diagnostic app is an integrated solution for mental health, resilience, wellbeing, effectiveness and high performance that can be scaled on-demand. The Resilience App provides employees with a personalised resilience action plan, video training, goal-setting and a chatbot coach. The Resilience Diagnostic Tool applies 20 years of ongoing research and experience to help you and your people transform performance.



  • Resilience Diagnostic assessment – understand resilience strengths and risks
  • Over 55 videos presented by Dr Sven Hansen
  • Track goals using a simple emoji interface
  • Set reminders to track progress
  • Multiplatform – use a web browser or download the smartphone app
  • Secure, confidential and GDPR compliant – we follow the principles of privacy by design
  • Available in 6 languages (English, Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Mandarin)


The assessment only takes less than 8 minutes to complete and provides each participant with a personalised result, based on 60 factors that determine resilience, including:

  • mental health and ability to bounce
  • staying calm and managing stress
  • well-being and vitality, including sleep, nutrition and exercise
  • emotional intelligence including self-awareness, empathy and positivity
  • focus, influence, agility and decisiveness
  • purpose, trust and flow


Powerful personal insights

After completing the 60 questions assessment, users are presented results mapped to the resilience spiral, with the ability to click on each level and explore detailed insights, resources and action tips. Reporting on 60 factors of resilience, participants receive individualised recommendations and a comprehensive self-development toolkit. Employers will receive a detailed aggregate report showing group resilience risks and asset. 

Each participant’s results are confidential. They can return to their results anytime and use the interactive spiral to guide their self-development. Participants can also download a PDF version of their report.

Group results for Leaders and Teams 

After running the Resilience Diagnostic with a group of participants, the individual results are aggregated into a comprehensive group report. Reporting on 60 factors that determine mental health, well-being, stress management, emotional intelligence and high performance. The results provide a clear snapshot of your team’s resilience.

The report includes a group spiral, showing high-level resilience scores, and a factor-level result.

The power of the Resilience Diagnostic assessment is in benchmarking progress over time. Many employers use the tool on an ongoing basis to measure the impact of training interventions and as a snapshot of employee well-being. A participant’s personal data is never shared with the employer.


60-factor assessment with an interactive report and action plan. Validated with peer-reviewed psychometrics, including high reliability (Cronbach’s Alpha), Construct Validity, Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Item Response Theory.



Track up to 21 goal types for a fixed time or indefinitely. Receive push notifications to stay on track. Integrate with Fitbit for feedback and chatbot tips.



A daily meditative practice designed to sharpen focus, increase calm and cultivate a positive mindset. Set reminders and track usage over time.



Over 55 short videos that explore the science and practice of resilience: Bounce, Grow, Connect and Flow. Presented in a Netflix-style interface.



Flowbot, A.I. enabled chatbot is always ready to answer questions about resilience, wellbeing and mental health. Additionally, Flowbot will offer to send you targeted tips based on your Resilience Diagnostic results.



Flowbot can offer proactive guidance based on what is happening in your life. Simply connect your Fitbit.

A proven method for measuring resilience

With regular psychometrics and expert data mining, you can be sure that the Resilience Diagnostic delivers. The assessment has been continuously improved over 9 years, with peer-reviewed psychometrics, including:

  • High reliability (Cronbach’s Alpha)
  • Construct Validity
  • Confirmatory Factor Analysis
  • Item Response Theory


The Resilience Diagnostic is made up of 11 categories; each evaluated by a set of 5 to 7 questions. These categories are defined as either ASSET or LIABILITY. Highly resilient people have high ASSET scores and low LIABILITY scores.

From an organisational perspective, the Resilience Diagnostic offers powerful insights into your people’s risks and strengths. We can segment the data into customised reporting groups to match organisational structures. Our support team can provide time-limited or open access to the tool to align with your organisation’s needs.


For the purchase of Resilience Diagnostic App, or enquiries on our Resilience Coaching or Workshops, email us at enquiry@lifeskillsinstitute.sg or call +65 63461455.