How to use DISC personality assessments to enhance communication in workplace?

DISC Personality Tools can help you and your employees learn more about personality styles, paving the way toward improved communication. It provides a common language that you and your team can use to better understand themselves and to adapt their behaviours with others.

Do’s and Don’ts of Communicating with different DISC Personality styles
We hope that these tips will help you increase the effectiveness of your communications with your employees or team members. You should be aware of your own DISC profile, how it can impact your communication style, and tailor your conversations or written communication so they’re better received. In turn, your team will feel valued, heard and understood.

Dominance Style

  1. Be concise and direct in your communications when talking to this team member. Avoid rambling and small talk.
  2. Be open to this person aiding in the decision-making process rather than coming to her with the decision already made.
  3. Use facts than emotions when agreeing with them.


Influence Style

  1. Be friendly and warm up the conversation with a little chitchat. At the same time, don’t allow the main purpose of communication to become completely derailed.
  2. Give them an opportunity to talk about their ideas, other people and their emotions.
  3. When discussing ideas with this employee, support your point-of-view with testimonials given by people that this particular staff member admires or respects. Avoid rejecting the employee or team members ideas immediately.


Steadiness Style

  1. Move at a steady pace and express appreciation when talking to this personality style.
  2. After talking to this team member, listen to what she has to say. Provide time to think things through if requested. Be patient and give them time to make a decision. This person does not like to be rushed or forced into a decision.
  3. Give them time to adjust to changes and avoid confrontational conversation.


Compliance Style

  1. Prepare organized, details and concise supporting facts before speaking with this employee about new ideas or changes.
  2. Support your ideas with accurate information and be diplomatic while providing explanations.
  3. Respect their space and independence during face-to-face conversations with this DISC assessment type.
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