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LAST UPDATE ON June 28, 2023

How identifying personality types can benefit our youths

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” – A frequent question through our adolescent years. While usually asked in an unassuming way, youths are becoming increasingly invested in planning out their career paths at a young age. The challenge – many are at loss on how to start their journey of self-discovery.

At Lifeskills Institute, we guide students with the first step of learning more about their unique personalities.

DISC Profiling tool

Our DISC profiling tool provides a common language that one can use to develop self-awareness by identifying their Dominant, Influencing, Steady or Compliant personality traits. This offers us a glimpse into the kind of work that we would find most engaging. This clarity at a young age enables students to gain a competitive advantage by tapping into their strengths and acknowledging their weaknesses. This additionally builds upon their self-confidence as they navigate through their developmental years.




Workshop – Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School

Students at AIPS were fascinated by the DISC tool which empowered them to understand what makes them uniquely different. Every class was coupled with our team of passionate trainers and facilitators who played an integral part to help students with their personal growth through experiential learning, educational activities and quizzes.





Activities Conducted

Quicksand, Fireball and Build a Tower were three activities Lifeskills selected for students to challenge themselves, think outside the box and thrive in a team setting. A blend of videos and audio clips were used to appeal to our visual and auditory learners by keeping them engaged in learning.

Beyond identifying their personalities, students also explored their motivations along with their preferred learning styles (AVK). The consolidated set of DISC & AVK data would serve helpful to all teachers when it comes to classroom management and guiding individual students along. To conclude, uplifting notes of encouragement were exchanged amongst peers to promote the spirit of camaraderie and cohesiveness in each class.


 Personal Reflection

I was impressed by the entire workshop which had a great balance in incorporating numerous experiential activities and theoretical knowledge which conveys the training session in a beneficial and fun manner. Watching the student’s radiant enthusiasm reminded me of my younger self, who was eternally curious and repeatedly ask the question – WHY. I believe this workshop is a foundational stepping stone for young leaders to kickstart their journey of self-discovery and will go the extra mile in achieving their onward goals.





At Lifeskills, we aim to equip our young leaders to be confident, compassionate and courageous in paving their way forward!








Written by Syahin Insyirah SAK, Business Development Executive (Intern)