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The pandemic has permanently changed the nature of our working lives, and many leaders are embracing the new normal to further their own learning and help their teams adapt to new ways of working. 

Lifeskills Institute is a trusted partner of Zenger Folkman, a strengths-based leadership development firm, we would like to share these resources with you and help you apply it to your own performance and development – regardless of the job you are in or the role you play.

We would like to share a couple of articles on what it means to be an effective leader today: the first is an essay on crisis leadershipand the other is a useful guide on how to respond to seemingly unanswerable questions.


If you missed these webcasts byZenger Folkman, you can find recordings of the webcasts below:


Access More Resources Here

Connect with us and explore how we can use these tools and programmes to empower you to make a profound difference in your organisation, your performance and your development.

We hope that these valuable insights will help you become a more inspiring leader.

Wishing each of you a safe and wonderful week ahead! 

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