Great Teams Are Personality, Not Just Skills!

LAST UPDATE ON June 28, 2023

What is the secret ingredients to build a high-performance team?

Research has shown that high-performing teams thrive when diversity exists in the organisational structure. It creates a positive employee experience where creativity, innovation, and collaboration become strengths, empowering the team to perform more efficiently, while achieving organisational goals. Is your team enough diversified, and do you have different personality strengths on board? 

Individuals’ personalities play a significant role in determining team performance. In particular, personality affects:

– What role you have within the team

– How you interact with the rest of the team

– Your inner values (core beliefs) align with the team’s

These psychological factors are the main determinants of whether people work together well. High-achieving individuals with a common vision create high-performing teams and people are the key to drive long-term success. A high-performance organisation gets better results than its peers over time.

For many, this may seem like a dream. However, these outcomes are achievable. Every individual brings their own set of unique traits, skills, strengths, and weaknesses to the table.

The key to cultivating a high-performing team that runs on all cylinders is determining the specific personality types of your people, understanding how these types motivate or detract from one another, and identifying how they all best align.

While coaching top executives & leaders, we encourage everyone to complete a validated multi-dimensional personality test, the 4D assessment.

This test offer an eye-opening look at the hidden dynamics at play within organisations and can provide insights about a team’s composition. One person may exhibit multiple strengths, or perhaps several each have their own shining proficiencies.

By understanding your team this way, you can begin to piece together the parts that work well together and rearrange the ones that don’t, overcoming limitations and achieving results quicker. The assessment results which will aid in the proper selection of candidates to a specific set of job requirements.


The Four Dimensions of Personality Report Includes:

DISC–  An individual’s predictable behaviours, their communication styles, preferences for specific environments and tasks, decision making processes, leadership abilities, organisational skills, and other observable and predictable behaviours. The profile incorporates an overview of each individual’s strengths and areas for improvement and comes with a goal setting worksheet aimed at their personal improvement. Understand and identify the Dominant, Inspiring, Steady, and Conscientious personality styles.

TEAMS– An insight into the individual thinking styles and strengths and limitations of a group within a specific environment. Discover which of your group members are skilled at thinking like a Theorist, Executor, Analyst, Manager or Strategist.  A well-balanced team that places people in positions where they can utilize their strengths creates a more effective and less stressful work environment.

Values–  While DISC profiles determine what an individual’s needs-driven motivations are, the Values Profile identifies a person’s values-driven motivations. These are the deeply ingrained automatic responses to different scenarios. These values are Loyalty, Equality, Personal Freedom,  and Justice.  These values based motivators are not necessarily something that a person will be aware of, but these are the internal values that a person is willing to fight for.

BAI–  The Behavioural Attitudes Index assess the hidden passions, interests, and motivations for a person within a particular setting. Behavioural attitudes correspond with the emotions and thinking processes that subconsciously shape every decision an individual makes. The BAI assesses which of the I-SPEAK behavioural attitudes are predominant.

These align with whether or not a person is willing to expend energy toward Inner Awareness/Spiritual, Economic/Tangible, Artistic/Innovative, Power/Political, Social/Humanitarian, and Knowledge/Proficiency endeavours. When a person’s behavioural attitudes are aligned with their environment, their natural motivation, passion and interests are in harmony- creating contentment and longevity in a position.

Predictive Hiring:

DISC + TEAMS + Values + BAI creates a 4-Dimensional picture of one’s personality and provides a predictive hiring analysis forecasting an employee’s future success within a given role, based on established industry standards and top performers. This revolutionary 4D Report combines 1440 unique points of comparison making the most comprehensive and sensitive behavioural tool available on the market. A good hiring process often uses DISC as an on-boarding tool as well, to acclimate a new employee to their manager and vice versa.

Download international hiring data study (here) of DISC and 4D reports statistically the most accurate predictor of workplace behaviours in the world; able to identify some styles that are literally one in a million.

As always, we recommend DISC to be one part of a strong, comprehensive hiring process. You should never determine a hiring decision on one factor alone but candidates can explore these possible concerns at more depth.

To purchase the 4D Report, email  or call us at +65 6346 1455. 

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