CEO Explains Why It’s Important To Build A Culture Around Honesty And Everyone Is Applauding Him

When it comes down to corporate culture, honesty and trust surfaces again as one of the those things that really sets a company apart. Daniel Abrahams, the CEO of Hustlr Agency recently shares why it is important to remain authentic, honest, open and transparent especially in the corporate culture. This is especially important as our mindsets can lead us to avoid certain topics, negativity and can lead to better conversations. 


“Honesty is the best policy” and the workplace is no exception to this rule. 


“I left the office at 1pm. In the morning, I told my team I’d be leaving early. I didn’t say I had a client meeting, or a doctor’s appointment. I told them the truth. I was going to watch my daughter receive an award at her school assembly,” Abrahams wrote.


“Why? Because I’m human,” he added.


“As a leader, it starts with me,” he continued. “No one should hide their personal life at work, or apologise for it.”


“We’re all human. Let’s be real about our lives,” he concluded.



His post quickly went viral as it resonated with millions of working people around the world. It has garnered over 630,000 likes on LinkedIn. And over 15,000 comments. 


Abrahams also added that he hopes employers will read the post and “see the need to bring a more personal, human touch to the workplace. It’s actually good for their business.” 


“I think there’s too much fear amongst employees who feel they have to hide their personal lives because, if they don’t, their career opportunities will be hampered,” he explained. “This leads to employee unhappiness, regret and resentment. I don’t want people to ever feel guilty about making their family a priority. In my opinion, employers who treat their staff like humans and show they care about them on a personal level, will receive more buy-in, loyalty, and trust.”


Many employers and employees praised Daniel for his socially responsible take on work and “human” approach to leading a company.



Another user commented: “I believe the best employee is the one that can feel relax doing his job rather than having to look for excuses to have a family life too.”


Let’s be authentic with each other on the journey. What do you think? 


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