Wendy Maryzeline
Programme Consultant

Wendy has deep passion for both youth & training. She currently helms the youth division as a programme consultant, working together with educators in various institutions to tailor and customise programmes to bring out the best in our youths. She lives by this saying “Youths are leaders of today and not just tomorrow!”.

Having studied media, Wendy adds an element of creativity to things she does. She first picked up this skill when volunteering in an organisation as a photographer, there she developed a love for design and media and went on to work in a broadcasting company for a year. If she is not doing design professionally, she expresses herself through social media.

In her free time she trains youths in their vocal techniques. This is when she discovered her love for training and bringing out the best in people. Now, through tools like DISC, Wendy aims to help our younger generation understand themselves better, unlocking their potential for greatness.

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