Cristalle Neo
Marketing Communications Strategist

Ms Cristalle Neo is a highly dynamic and enthusiastic professional. She have a total of more than 6 years in Marketing & Communication channel with Creative and Arts background.

She’s an experienced marketing strategist in the field of communications and business development, where she apply her knowledge and skills for continuous improvement. She is extremely well versed in people and highly motivated to commit continuous professional development. Joining Singapore Airlines have equipped her with a multitude set of skills and an abundance of interpersonal skills, positive energy that makes her a excellent team player that allowed her to lead a team of professionals to achieve greater heights and new targets. Over the years, she has held responsibilities in areas of learning and development including, customer service, team-building, sales and marketing, communication and interpersonal skills.

Her current position is in the Marketing team at Lifeskills Institute and is responsible for executing marketing plans and strategies for Lifeskills. She is also in-charge of all WILEY products and programmes, including the Five Behaviours of A Cohesive Team™ and The Leadership Challenge® programme.

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