Daphne Tan
Training Consultant

With over 12 years of dedicated experience in guiding and inspiring young minds, Daphne has witnessed the incredible transformation of countless lives under her mentorship. As a passionate advocate for youth empowerment, Daphne has embarked on a journey of shaping futures, and she is a Student Leadership Challenge Facilitator. With relating and individuality as her core strengths, she strongly believes in fostering self-discovery and instilling core values that resonate deeply with each unique individual. 

Having graduated with a Bachelor in Counselling and a Diploma in Interactive Media Design, Daphne is excellent at developing creative ways to impart values and to bring change into lives. Over the years, she has had the opportunity to work with various institutions such as People’s Association and countless schools both locally and internationally. 

Daphne is also an experienced Trainer, where she has trained small and large groups (even up to a thousand in Assembly talks at schools). Her key training topics include values, leadership, interpersonal skills. 

Work aside, Daphne is passionate about helping the disadvantaged (including visiting one room flat residences), and she is also a Music Mentor (Drums, Guitar, Keyboard). She has also worked in the Design industry  - Creative studios, and she enjoys painting pegdolls, designing posters, and creating music.