Sarah Goh                           
Senior Consultant

Sarah Goh was a Corporate and Conveyancing lawyer with a Master’s degree in Law with the National University of Singapore. In her desire to level the playing field for students, she set up Sarah G. Coaching in 2011 to provide programmes for students in their preparation for National level exams and to reach out to parents who may have challenges in the parenting journey. She has to-date equipped thousands of students with the skills and habits to be better as a student and learner.  

Her ability as an expert communicator and a natural speaker is recognized by all who has the chance to know her or hear her. Sarah took part in a Pecha Kucha event organized by the Asia Professional Speakers (APSS) in 2013- pitting against professional speakers and trainers (including those whose areas of training were Presentation Skills and Public Speaking) and won the competition.  

For more than a decade, Sarah was also a sales Director with a manufacturing company, opening new markets for the company and setting sales records. She was a well-loved and well-respected leader with the experience in building and leading teams with a culture of results, growth, and support. She relished the opportunities and the many exciting adventures this role had accorded her, including the chance to glean valuable lessons from extraordinary leaders in the field. 

In this season of her life, Sarah now dedicates herself to make a difference with her gift in training and speaking to helping others in understanding behaviours, using the Personality Profiling Framework and Patrick Lencioni’s 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Teams and has a keen interest in leadership programs. With a confident ease in expressing ideas easily and encouraging open dialogue, Sarah connects on a deep level with diverse clients. She believes in creating an environment where ideas are nurtured and collaboration is fostered.

Sarah is effectively bilingual and a Certified The Five Behaviors® Practitioner, a Certified Advance Behavioural Consultant (IML), USA (using DISC and People Keys), Certified Career Coach (ITOL) and Certified Stress Management Consultant by IML, USA and has an Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP) with IAL, SUSS. 

Sarah is known to her friends to be spontaneous and warm, lively, and passionate and a great story-teller. She exudes positivity in all she does and moves with great conviction.