Amanda Teo                           Training & Marketing Consultant

With a desire to empower individuals through a deep understanding of their strengths, Amanda seeks to cause effective growth through strategic and creative solutions. She enjoys using stories to connect real-life relevance to evidence-based theory. 

Empathetic by nature, Amanda is highly relational and has a deep connection with the emotions and experiences of others. Through her passion for continuous learning and unwavering belief in the power of personal development, Amanda seeks to foster growth, authenticity, and purpose in others. She believes in purpose-driven programmes and is passionate about enabling individuals to make a difference in the world. 

She is also experienced in communications, partnerships & sponsorships, business development and strategy, project & events management, digital marketing, media relations, branding, and editorial. 

Outside of work, Amanda spends most of her time having fun with her two young daughters and husband. She also loves dance, calligraphy, and the sea breeze.