Step-up Online Products Promotion


From 25 August – 31 December 2021, earn cumulative credits to earn free assessments which you may utilise freely with team members, colleagues, family and friends!


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Email us at enquiry@lifeskillsinstitute.sg or call +65 6346 1455 with your purchase order today! 

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Enhance Workplace Resilience and Well-being


In our collective efforts to provide relevant solutions that continuously build and impact our communities, we are thrilled to partner with The Positive Movement to finally launch our Resilience & Wellness programmes!


We look forward to enable people to uncover their strengths, providing support and solutions in the space of resilience-building and well-being. 

Get in touch with us to find out more!

 Email us at enquiry@lifeskillsinstitute.sg or call +65 6346 1455



Find out more about the Positive Pyschology-based Resilience Workshop here.


Find out more about the Resilience Coaching Certification here.



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A Message from Ian Tan, Chief Enabling Officer


I am thrilled to announce the partnership between Lifeskills Institute and Best Of Me, the first Asia-based digital coaching platform that integrates behavioural science, AI-powered learning and 1-on-1 coaching to make coaching accessible to everyone. Our missions are aligned in empowering individuals, teams and organizations unlock their fullest potential. The partnership is a catalyst to augment our leadership and lifeskills development, and to scale coaching across organizations.

We look forward to empower people to be the best version of themselves.

Ian Tan

Co-founder of BestOfMe and CEO of Lifeskills Institute



BestOfMe is born from the passion and mission to help everyone become their best version of themselves. The first Asian-based digital platform offering whole-person development to individuals, teams and organizations. BestOfMe brings together top-notch coaches, behavioural science and AI powered learnings to unlock human potential and drive growth.

Visit BestOfMe : www.bestofme.io

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Online Exclusive Alumni Event!


Dear Alumni,
Recall the time you were a student attending CBC – did you marvel at Lee Fong’s prowess to analyse your DISC graphs in one quick glance? Was she able to read beneath the report and offer you jaw dropping insights? If your answers are “YES” and “YES”, we’re excited to invite you to our online exclusive Alumni Booster Session!
Join us online at our Alumni Exclusive Booster Session to ignite these mystical abilities all from the comfort of your home – imagine that! 


Key things that we will be covering in this session: 

  • Advanced DISC Graph Reading Techniques
    • What can you read from the:
      • Size & Shape
      • Distance Between Points
      • Special S/C & D/C Factors 
  • DISC Application for Leadership & Team Development 


What you will walk away with:
  • PK3 DISC Report (New!)
  • 1-Page Insights Summary (EXCLUSIVE for this session only!)


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